Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy (HDPs), affect 10 percent of women globally and are major contributors to maternal and newborn mortality, morbidity, and disability. 

As part of the Ending Eclampsia Project, and supported by the Pre-eclampsia Technical Working Group, the Population Council developed High Impact Practice (HIPs) briefs for three strategies that show promise for improving prevention, detection, and management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (HDPs).

Over 40 experts (researchers, practitioners, donors, and advocates) identified and agreed on three key topics, which had the most evidence for their use to improve health outcomes for HDPs including pre-eclampsia: Task Sharing, Women’s Groups and Postnatal Care.


EndingEclampsia – HDP-HIP Overview

EndingEclampsia – HDP-HIP Brief – Task Sharing

EndingEclampsia – HDP-HIP Brief – Women’s Groups

EndingEclampsia – HDP-HIP Brief – Postnatal