The PRECISE network have recently published in BMC Reproductive Health introducing the scientific scope and vision of this ambitious programme of work. They describe the development of key components of PRECISE: the study protocol, clinical database, biorepository, qualitative work plans, and partnership and capacity-building elements. The first three papers describe the design of the prospective pregnancy cohort study, the research platform to collect epidemiological data and biological samples from approximately 10,000 pregnant, as well as an additional 1,800 non-pregnant women of reproductive age in Gambian, Kenyan and Mozambican women. The fourth paper covers the value of qualitative research in helping to understand quantitative and biological data. The final manuscript brings the picture of the PRECISE Network together with capacity-building in research infrastructure, strengthening emerging leaders in reproductive science and supporting advocacy for research.

“I am so very proud to be the PI of the PRECISE Network, an alignment of colleagues and friends. These series of papers clarify our activities, skills and potential” Professor Peter von Dadelszen, Principal Investigator.

We hope these series of manuscripts will be useful for those who are setting up a similar project elsewhere to help navigate the challenges faced and to learn from our experiences. As well as this, the supplement gives an overview of what we hope to achieve. We are a consortium who are open to collaboration, the clinical data and biorepository are open to researchers who are keen to utilise this resource, therefore we hope this gives an overview of what is available to the wider scientific community.