We are very proud to announce that the entry submitted by the PRECISE team in Kenya has been selected by The Lancet’s ‘Highlights 2020: Framing health stories‘ photography competition.

The photograph, taken by PRECISE Coordinator Grace Mwashigadi, portrays four PRECISE nurses: Claire Ngure, Joy Njoroge, Claire Kiti, and Glory Mbaji, based at at Rabai Hospital, in Kilifi, Kenya.

The Lancet’s annual photography competition features compelling, thought-provoking photographs that frame the important health stories of our times. Last year’s publication included 15 striking photographs capturing a unique health story.


Front-line health workers social distancing in Kenya
Grace Mwashigadi; Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya
The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on pregnant women and their infants in sub-Saharan Africa are not yet fully known; however, disruptions to the delivery of routine antenatal care is likely to have negative health consequences. The PRECISE (PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science, Everywhere) Network aims to strengthen research capacity in Africa through a shared research project and is positioned to study the indirect effects of COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa through the research platform that has been developed. The network has experienced research and clinical teams in place, infrastructure available, and protocols established that can be implemented and scaled up to help understand the regional impacts of COVID-19. The team has worked to strengthen capacity for study recruitment and follow-up while ensuring the safety of all staff and participants. The PRECISE teams have procured personal protective equipment for research and clinical staff and conducted training for local facilities. We are delighted that research activities have resumed and are grateful for the commitment and dedication that have made this possible, such as the research nurses from the PRECISE Kenya team at Aga Khan University shown in this photograph.