Building upon the detailed pregnancy information and samples established by PRECISE, PRECISE-DYAD will follow up a cohort of 4800 women who participated in PRECISE in The Gambia and Kenya, and their children. With their consent, we will collect data that will assist in the investigation of mechanisms that underpin optimal maternal and child health trajectories following either normal or complicated pregnancy.

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We aim to determine if, and how, pregnancies complicated by pregnancy hypertension, fetal growth restriction (FGR), stillbirth, and/or preterm birth (PTB), identify those more likely to avoid complications in subsequent pregnancies, mental ill-health, or early onset of cardiometabolic diseases.
We will also address the impact of these pregnancy disorders on the children’s physical, mental, and neurodevelopmental health until three years of age. We will explore the consequences for maternal health trajectories of caring for children with moderate-to-severe neurodevelopmental delay resulting from complicated pregnancies, and will interrogate interactions with social determinants of health, including environmental exposures on maternal and infant health.