Ebrima J Magassey is our June star of the month in PRECISE Gambia.


Ebrima has been a Field Assistant with the Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine since 2011. He has contributed to many successful research projects, ranging from vaccine trials, case-control studies, and cohort studies.


For the PRECISE Project, he is involved in the sensitisation and seeking informed consent from potential study participants. In addition to this, he supported the data department in kit and label printing for a period of five months, this was possible because of his Information Technology background.


As a result of his incredible IT background, Ebrima has done a fantastic job in assisting the team this month. When the PRECISE kit building template crashed. Ebrima was the first to resolve the issue promptly. The team is very grateful for his additional expertise in helping during such difficulties. Ebrima was able to configure the labels to the Gambian prototype from the Kenyan template. This has saved the team to continue the pace of kit building stock replenishment.