This month, Kenya features two PRECISE stars: Claire Ngure, lead nurse at Rabai, and Juma Gumbo, enumerator/ data collector based at Mariakani.

Claire has been with PRECISE Kenya since the inception of the project. Initially, Claire’s responsibilities were those of a research nurse: taking informed consent, data and sample collection and conducting clinical procedures such as TraCer and anthropometry. As a qualified and skilled nurse, she also contributes to clinical care for mothers at the facility. Over time, Claire has taken up more supervisory duties for the clinical team at her site. Over the past few months, she has supported the resumption of PRECISE study activities by contributing significantly to staff training. This has included infection prevention training for old staff and full training and induction for new team members. She has become a valuable resource and has helped new staff to settle down well in their new roles. She is also an important link between the hospital nurses and the research nurses ensuring that the teams support each other in their clinical and research roles.

PRECISE is a great project and I strongly believe that it will be of great benefit to pregnant mothers in the future. I’m grateful to be a part of this project.”

Juma is an enumerator/ data collector based at Mariakani. On a typical day, his responsibilities include screening potential study participants, obtaining informed consent from those who wish to participate, collecting data and performing study procedures such as anthropometry. However, Juma often goes above and beyond. His colleagues regard him as someone who is dependable, quick to respond to requests and always follows up a task to completion.

During the several months the Mariakani site had been without a Data and IT assistant, Juma stepped up and carried out several data and IT support roles alongside his usual tasks. He supported data syncing, maintaining asset and IT inventory and printing kit labels. He now assists the new Data and IT assistant for Mariakani.

“As an IT enthusiast, taking on these additional IT roles has really helped me grow my skills.”