Joseph Mutunga is our June star of the month in PRECISE Kenya.

Joseph is a Laboratory Technologist by trade and currently serving as the lab lead for the PRECISE Kenya Rabai site. As the lab lead, Joseph supports the study coordinator in supervising the laboratory personnel and managing lab-related inventories.

A typical day at work for Joseph includes Sample collection, processing, storing, and coordinating liquid nitrogen management.

Joseph believes that women will benefit greatly from interventions and solutions for placental disorders, the results of which PRECISE will feed into general maternal health care.

Regarding his professional fulfillment as part of PRECISE, Joseph commented:

“I am glad that PRECISE has laid a solid foundation for my professional development, providing me with valuable hands-on experience for which I will be eternally grateful.”


“Joseph has excellent interpersonal skills and gets along well with his coworkers. He is inventive and has exceptional problem-solving abilities. He is a great inspiration to the team, particularly in how he has handled the responsibilities assigned to him as team lab lead.”

-Charlotte Nyadzua


“Joseph has been exemplary in his management of the laboratory section over time. His attention to detail and resourcefulness have allowed us to get to where we are.”

-Issac Mwaniki