Noveline Khatievi – Enumerator is our star of the month

Her primary responsibilities include liaising with health facility workers to identify suitable study participants, providing information about the study participants, consenting, screening for eligibility as well as carrying out data collection.

Noveline has been outstanding in recording the highest number of participants among the Enumerators from January to July 2021; contributing to a record of 131 enrolments out of 894 total enrolments done that in the period. Additionally, she has actively contributed to the follow up of post-partum participants by taking the self-led initiative to identify the mothers when they bring their babies for their vaccination appointments. This effort has contributed to a remarkable improvement of the follow up rate. She truly deserves the SOTM. – Grace Mwashigadi Study coordinator.

Noveline is passionate about women’s health and believes that PRECISE is a very good study. She hopes that the study will recommend long lasting solutions for the problems facing women.

On her experience working with PRECISE she had this to say, “Working with PRECISE has given me the opportunity to improve my communication skills. I was so shy when I first joined the team, however, as a result of the opportunities available for delivering health talks and study information to participants, I am now more assertive. It is an incredible privilege to be a part of the vast PRECISE team”.