Our star of the month is Consolata Juma, the Laboratory Team Lead for the Mariakani Site. Her main tasks at PRECISE include sample collection, processing and storage. In addition to these roles Conso, as she is commonly referred to by her teammates, supports the study coordinator in supervising the laboratory staff, ensuring availability of lab consumables and equipment, managing the lab inventory and ordering supplies.

Recently, she was instrumental in the installation of the new hematology analyzer at the site, ensuring the machine was up and running.

PRECISE has been incredible in my career development. It has offered me much needed research experience, and I am so glad to be part of the study. This study is very impactful in building research capacity, and most importantly PRECISE will offer solutions for placental disorders amongst pregnant women in the global south.

Her colleague Charlotte Nyadzua (Lab technologist) noted that “Consolata is very hardworking, always ready to listen and find solutions to all matters concerning her in the lab, an awesome Team Leader. Her presence in the lab is unmatchable”