Helton Hilário Timóteo is a Laboratory Technician and our Star of the Month in June! He is responsible for sample reception, processing and storage as well as entering data into OpenSpecimen database.

Helton provided insight in some of the challenges he faced using the databases:

“Initially, I found the use of BAOBAB database complex and for that reason I was slow in entering data. The process got easier, and I was able to work between BAOBAB database, OpenSpecimen and Excel. While transferring data from BAOBAB and Excel to OpenSpecimen it led to numerous queries from different categories. It was very challenging to correct and required me and my team to work together to find a resolution. This later worked in our favour as it became a routine in dealing with queries and improved my skills in using the database.”

Regarding his professional fulfilment as part of PRECISE, Helton commented:

“Before PRECISE, I had a clinical lab background and was familiar with the basics of sample processing. Working with PRECISE further led me to acquire new skills and experiences. I learnt new techniques and procedures such as working with liquid nitrogen as well as tracking the samples and learning how to locate the samples using the database. Overall, I believe that PRECISE has led me to new opportunities and paved way for career progression.”