Eunice da Marta Benedito Chiose is our November star of the month!

Eunice da Marta Benedito Chiose is a Pharmacy Technician who successfully completed her course in 2018 at the Instituto Politécnico Índico in Xai Xai. In 2019, she joined Manhiça Health Research Center (CISM), and the PRECISE study based in Xinavane Rural Hospital where she is responsible for identifying pregnant women arriving in the hospital and organising their referral to consultation offices. In addition, she prepares the materials needed for all PRECISE visits and transports the participants’ samples to the laboratory.

Regarding her professional fulfillment as part of PRECISE, Eunice commented:s part of PRECISE, Eunice commented:

“I applied several times to the government pharmacist positions without success, but then I learned about CISM recruitment and decided to apply. In the beginning, I was not comfortable with the activity and people were saying that I couldn’t apply to work as an assistant because I have a degree as a pharmacist, but I told them that I was looking for opportunities to learn something new and different.

Today I am proud of my decision because I feel that I have matured professionally and learned activities such as: searching the demographic database using a Tablet, managing the handling of human samples as well as how to better interact with pregnant women.

In addition, now my dreams have changed, and I wish to become a Maternal and Child Health Nurse one day. To make this dream come true, I am currently in the process of enrolling for a higher course in Maternal and Child Health at Universidade São Tomás in the District of Macie in Gaza”