Ana Ilda Biza is a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, who was trained at the Inhanbane Health Training Institute. In 2010 she joined Manhiça Health Research Center  and participated in some projects namely MíPAD, Imuno MíPAD, EURARTESIM, CLIP, ASART, focusing on maternal health. Since 2018 she has worked as a supervisor in the PRECISE study where she oversees the PRECISE nurses at the Manhiça and Xinavane sites. She actively participates in refresher trainings for the study procedures and coordinates subsequent visits of the study participants. She travels regularly to the recruitment sites as well as promptly in the event of any practical difficulty that the nurses may encounter in order to help them. In addition, she prepares nurses’ schedules and coordinates their vacations.

Ana is a dedicated and experienced nurse. In the preparatory stages of PRECISE she traveled to The Gambia to learn more about the study procedures so that she could train the other nurses.

“The PRECISE study has a historic milestone in my life because prior to starting the PRECISE study I had the opportunity to travel to the Gambia to learn the study procedures and I confess that it was my first time traveling by plane”.

We asked Ana if she was professionally fulfilled and if she felt that in PRECISE she was carrying out the activities she always aspired to:

“Yes, today I feel professionally fulfilled because at PRECISE I learned new techniques and work dynamics that I feel capable of solving frequent day-to-day problems in the process of recruiting and following up on study participants that nurses have locally had and I intend to continue with my training”.