Doreen and Onesmus are our November stars of the month in PRECISE Kenya!


Doreen Thuo is an administrative assistant entrusted with assisting both PRECISE/PRECISE-DYAD sites in managing study logistics, office administration, and supplies management, as well as bookkeeping and accounting.


Regarding her professional fulfilment as part of PRECISE, Doreen commented:

“My administration skills have grown as I have helped prepare the PRECISE Dyad launch and several team training sessions. PRECISE and the PRECISE-DYAD studies seek to improve the health of women and children in Kilifi county. When the quality of life of a woman is improved, we uplift the life of her family and that of the community”.


Onesmus Wanje is a Research officer; He is the community liaison officer tasked with leading community engagement activities for the PRECISE studies.


Regarding his professional fulfillment as part of PRECISE, Ones commented:

“The enormous impact that the PRECISE study will have on the vast majority of women in the global south is something that has to be supported.” Onesmus affirms, “The best thing that has happened to me recently is being part of this team. It feels great to be a part of a team that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.”


“Doreen and Onesmus stepped up to coordinate various study activities while our study coordinator was away on study leave. They worked efficiently, ensuring smooth study activities throughout the month and excellent implementation of the Communications in Research training for the entire PRECISE Kenya team. !”

Angela, PRECISE Kenya Co-PI