• Rose N Bass – Assistant Nurse Coordinator
  • Ato Kwamena Heyfoed – Trainee Scientific Officer
  • Francis Sambou – Driver
  • Pierre Mendy – Driver
  • Ebrima Nyang – Nurse

During the Tobaski break (Eid al-Adha), when most staff were home to celebrate the Muslim feast, this team continued working to ensure that there was no break in the PRECISE study activities.

It all started when the Coordinating team requested for a continuum of data and sample collection, specifically at delivery, which cannot be scheduled. This team unreservedly offered to enrol participants, transport them and collect data and samples at all three sites (Farafenni, Illiasa and Ngayen Sanjal).

Francis and Pierre were able to transport all study participants who were in labour to their nearby PRECISE Health Centres, which made it possible for them to deliver at the health facility.

Rose N Bass, assisted by Ebrima Nyang collected samples at delivery at all three sites during this period, while Ato processed and stored the collected samples.

Their efforts in continuing the sample and data collection during this period is well recognized and highly commendable.