Skilled bioinformaticians are needed for the successful analysis of the collected data and their integration. We are funded, in part through our MRC PRECISE-SPTB grant, to capacity build in this area.

To train these bioinformaticians, we offer workshops on statistical methods and on different coding languages. All of our lessons will be structured in an interactive approach, involving live coding sessions so that attendees can gain hands-on experience and obtain the basic understanding needed for them to keep exploring.

Our lessons are partially based on the material offered by the Carpentries, a volunteer project dedicated to teaching basic computing skills to researchers, and our instructors are certified Software and Data Carpentry Instructors.

Our workshops will cover three basic skills:

and three specialistic skills:

  • microbiome data analysis
  • advanced statistical modelling with R (TBC)
  • machine-learning approaches for biomedical data analysis (TBC)



Our training