What a version control system is?

Version control systems are tools that allow users to record and “undo” changes made within a project (aka repository, which may include more than one document, also of different types). They represent a better way to collaborate (rather than, for instance, emailing files) and to share code or other documents (rather than, for instance, unmaintained websites) while ensuring reproducibility.

Several version control systems are available, and this workshop will focus on Git, which is one of the most popular. It is also open-source and free. Git also interfaces with several hosting servers to store and interact with repositories, the most famous being GitHub, which will be used in this workshop.

Who can attend this workshop?

The workshop is aimed at individuals who have no experience of version control but are familiar with the Unix shell. During this workshop, we will be using the Unix Shell to navigate the file system, create files and folders, and dialogue with Git. Please ensure that you are familiar with Unix commands such as pwd, ls, cd, cat, mkdir, and touch. These commands are covered in our Unix shell workshop.

What will be covered during the workshop?

Lasting two half days (6h in total), this workshop will cover the basics of version control using Git, how to collaborate with other people via GitHub. More in detail, attendees will learn: