What is the R and why we should learn it?

R is a programming language and open-source software environment for statistical computing and graphics and it is one of the main languages used in data science. Moreover, R takes advantage of a large user-created ecosystem of packages, that are specifically designed pieces of software that offer additional capabilities, such as those for bioinformatics analysis (e.g., DADA2 & phyloseq, for metagenomics data analysis, or minfi, for the analysis of DNA methylation data).

During this workshop, we will focus on using R for performing basic data analyses and in the meantime learn some basic programming concepts (such as writing functions, loops and if/else statements). These are transferable notions that will be useful also when/if coding in other languages (e.g., in python).

Who can attend this workshop?

The workshop is aimed at individuals who have no experience in using R and/or Rstudio, and there are no prerequisites for this workshop.

What will be covered during the workshop?

Lasting three half days (9h in total), this workshop will cover basic concepts, and more in detail, attendees will learn: