The KCL central team is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Research Enrichment grant by the Wellcome Trust. These funds will support monthly ‘PRECISE-DYAD Open Days’ in Kenya and The Gambia, in the communities where PRECISE-DYAD participants live as part of the public engagement programme of the study.

PRECISE-DYAD Open Days will connect with study participants, their families and members of the community and bring to focus important topics related to pregnancy, mental health, brain function and nutrition through a variety of interactive activities such as storytelling, plays and games. Open Days will also present an opportunity to share study data with the community and develop a video to record community perceptions of maternal and child health, which will further inform and educate local communities, as well as to identify their health concerns.

Over the span of 2 years, we aim to engage with over 1,200 women and trust that they will apply these learnings to their everyday life and disseminate them to the wider community